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Respect Your KC Community: Consider Other People

by Shaun Harper -


Please show respect for the KC Community by considering the feelings of other people.


Respect Your KC Community: Follow Social Distancing

by Shaun Harper -


Please show respect for the KC Community by following the social distancing guidelines and markings around the College.



by Shaun Harper -


Our new centre in Dewsbury opens in November and we’d like you to help us name some of the facilities.


We need separate names for these two facilities which are also open to the public:


  • Café
  • Hair and beauty salons


Win a £25 Amazon voucher if your name is chosen.


This competition is open to both students and staff at Kirklees College.


Send your entries to by Friday 23 October. Please include your full name and course area or department.




Here's a little bit of history to help you come up with names:


In 1880 Pioneer House opened as the headquarters of the Dewsbury Pioneers Industrial Society Ltd. The building was designed by architects Henry Holtom and George Fox. The building housed shops, reading and conversation rooms, a library and offices, as well as the 1,500-seater variety theatre. The main hall was adapted in 1922 to an 800-seat cinema. By 1944 it was known as the Pioneer Theatre. In 1960 it was taken over by the Essoldo Cinema group. In the 1970’s it became a bingo club and then the Pot Black Snooker Club. Various retail outlets continued to trade from the ground floor. In 2017, major renovation work began to bring the building back to life and create a new Kirklees College centre for learning, now named the Pioneer Higher Skills Centre.

Respect Your KC Community: Wear Your Lanyard At All Times

by Shaun Harper -


Please continue to show your support for the KC Community by wearing your lanyard at all times.


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